I want to apologize ahead of time for making you watch this. I would just like to warn you all that this is not a joke. I repeat: This. Is not. A joke. 

She is completely serious.

Alright let’s do this:

  1. She’s tired of relying on other people to pierce her for her. You know, that thing that you’re supposed to do anyway? Granted I’m at least 70% sure she’s talking about trying to get one of her friends to do it and them flaking out, but regardless, you should do the thing where you go to a shop and have a professional do it for you. The thing is good. It serves you well. Do the thing.
  2. "I don’t know how to do this; I’ve never done any of my piercings." 
    That’s usually a pretty big hint that you shOULD NOT DO IT. You wouldn’t try to fill a cavity yourself, don’t do your own piercings.
  3. "I don’t see the difference, I think I can do it on my own." 

    Yes. She really did just say that.

    The difference between a home job from someone with no experience and a job done in a shop with someone who was trained specifically for this particular reason is so outrageous it’s illegal (no I’m serious it’s illegal to pierce yourself or others if you do not know what you are doing aka have a license).
  4. Nail polish remover. Let’s just take a moment to let that sink in. Then let’s take a moment to explain why this is a very, very bad idea.
    First, the only way to legitimately clean materials used in the piercing process is with an autoclave. Autoclaves use pressurized steam at up to 121C, which kills any and all germs/bacteria/etc on the materials. Anything less than this will not do shit. Hate to burst your bubble, but it’s true. It will kill some, but not all. Nail polish remover will not remove all of the germs because that’s not what it was fucking made to do.Second, nail polish remover, as far as I’ve heard, is generally bad for you.  It’s been said that getting enough into your bloodstream is potentially fatal. And guess where fresh open wounds in your body are connected to? Your bloodstream. Are you going to die? No, but it has the potential to make you sick, and it is definitely not something you want anywhere near your piercing, especially if it’s fresh. Third, it’s a bunch of chemicals. Chemicals and piercings do not go together. They kill some of the bad bacteria, yes, but they also kill the good bacteria and all of the new skin cells that form (you know, to heal you piercing?). This prolongs healing time and can actually make you more susceptible to infections. If you wouldn’t put it in your eye, don’t put it by your piercings. 
  5. I don’t even know what the fuck that is but no. Just no.
    That is essentially a really sharp paper clip. No.
  6. The reason why piercing artists use hollow piercing needles is because they make a clean incision through the skin. Anything else forces it’s way through the tissue instead of cutting through. This creates trauma, an unhappy piercing, and generally an ugly one. The people stupid enough to use blunt force trauma to pierce themselves don’t notice this because a) they don’t know what they’re doing and b) they’re stupid.
  7. It shouldn’t have to go in “a slanted way” if you knew what the fuck you were doing.
  8. Oh yes. Excuse me while I look up YouTube videos on how to give myself laser eye surgery and I’ll be right on that. What could go wrong?
  9. At least she titled it accurately.
  10. Hand sanitizer =/= clean hands. Wash them thoroughly with unscented antibacterial soap and put fucking gloves on.
  11. You’re not supposed to use alcohol either, sweetheart. 
  12. The piercing is the hole in your body. What you are holding is the jewelry that goes in the piercing. 
  13. You should have chickened out.
  14. Ice is a big no no. No no no no no no nononononononononononon NONONONONONONONO.
    Ice hardens the tissue, which actually just makes it harder to pierce. Yeah you may not be able to feel it as much (if you at least did it right and thoroughly numbed yourself) but it’s going to take a lot longer and be much more difficult. On top of already using a dull object (which makes the process go by so much slower), I can see this is shaping up to be absolutely fantastic.
  15. Apparently cartilage is similar to wood. Who knew?
  16. Of course it’s fucking bleeding because you dON’T KNOW HWAT YOU ARE DOING
  17. I believe that is a moral support skype call.
  18. So I think what just happened was she stabbed herself, took the object out, “watered’ her contacts, forced it in again, took it out again, and now she’s bleeding everywhere because she fucked up. And no, that is not normal.
  19. Listen to your friend. Piercing your nose by yourself is not normal. (nor is it a good idea)
  20. Yeah and I’m p sure she took the object out to put the jewelry in. Which is also really fucking stupid. Another reason why needles are hollow is so you can follow through with the jewelry right away; you should never remove the needle before inserting the jewelry. It’s supposed to be one fluid motion. 
  21. Yeah, fuck that. Don’t ever do that again.


Shes a dumbass bitch bitch bitch bitch xD

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